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Lil Bibby Details Awkward Moment When He Knew Juice WRLD Was A Star

Lil Bibby Details Awkward Moment When He Knew Juice WRLD Was A Star

Lil Bibby recalls Juice WRLD walking into a meeting with no shirt on.

Juice WRLD was a rare talent in this generation. He was talented, charismatic, and blossomed into the star potential that Lil Bibby saw in him at the very beginning. During a rare interview with Vlad TV, the rapper detailed his relationship with Juice WRLD and his first encounter with the young rapper. He explained that “All Girls Are The Same” was Juice’s biggest song at that time with 70K streams on Soundcloud. “Lucid Dreams” barely had any clicks on YouTube.

“I tell my brother, ‘[Lucid Dreams] is the best song that I heard in a long time,” he explained. Bibby was on board after that, pushing Juice’s music onto anyone and everyone who would listen including Cole Bennett. “I had to keep gassin’ Cole to do it. Just link with the kid,” he explained with hopes of inevitably landing a music video.

Vlad then asked Bibby about when he first saw Juice WRLD in the studio with his goth girlfriend. “I’m with all my homies. All my crazy homies from my neighborhood. This man comes to the studio with his gothic girlfriend,” he said. “She like real gothic and he was tongue kissing her in front of all my homies. That’s when I knew, ‘Man, he a star.’ You know what I’m sayin’? Because I would never do some shit like that. I knew he was a star from right there. I knew he was a star from right there. I’m like, ‘He don’t care.’ He don’t care what people think.”

It was also Juice’s choice of attire that caught Bibby’s attention. Juice walked into the studio with a biker vest on with no shirt underneath and a “muffin top.” Bibby explained that this was also Juice’s clothing choice on the day they had a meeting with BMG. Regardless, Bibby realized that this was part of Juice’s appeal in the first place, even if they were in an office building.


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